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          2. 下载iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection 4.7.1 1.0

            iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection 4.7.1 1.0

            • 软件大年夜小:201 MB
            • 软件种别:iPhone&iPad
            • 软件授权:免费软件      软件说话:英语
            • 更新时光:2018-01-18
            • 软件厂商:未知
            • 软件官网:未知
            • 利用平台:IOS
            iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection 4.7.1描述介绍:
            iClassics: Beyond Engrossing

            iClassics unites the old and the new to create immersive experiences that inspire and move everyone.

            Through cutting-edge technology and sophisticated artwork, the iPoe Collection Vol. 1 served as iClassics Production's first Immersive Entertainment app, and went on to gather numerous awards.

            By casting a modern glare on a fine selection of Edgar Allan Poe's stories, the result is a spectacular and wholly original experience that utilizes every feature of modern mobile devices (gyro-perspective, flash, vibration).

            TILT to reveal what's in the shadows

            TOUCH to uncover obscured details

            TURN to discover what lurks off the screen

            Interaction, illustration, animation, FX, and OST all combine to create a unique and innovative entertainment experience that stands somewhere between the cinematic and the literary.


            Editor's Choice Award of Children's Technology Review 2013

            #1 Book in Spain, Mexico, France, Belgium, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Ecuador, Czech Republic and Belize.
            #1 App on Overlapps.com


            Edgar Allan Poe was a maverick, a man whose inventiveness and creative madness helped to define the horror and macabre genres.

            It is thus fitting to experience his works in an equally inventive format that showcases his work in a modern and artistically sophisticated way.

            In this first edition, the following classics are included:

            -The Oval Portrait
            -The Tell-Tale Heart
            -Annabel Lee
            -The Masque of the Red Death


            "iPoe is of such high quality that it underscored the strength of Poe's material."

            "This is Poe the way he should be presented to new audiences: haunting, cautionary, and brilliant."



            - Fully illustrated by David Garcia For&eacute;s
            - Interactive elements and animations that bring the stories to life
            - Original soundtrack produced by Teo Grimalt
            - Texts in FOUR languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
            - Edgar Allan Poe Biography
            - A collection of the illustrator’s sketches


            The iPoe Collection marked the beginning of iClassics Production's journey, and has now become a classic in its own right, along with a cult following.

            Be part of it.

            About iClassics Collection:
            iClassics Collection is a revolutionary collection of book apps where you’ll discover literary classics such as Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft and Charles Dickens through a unique interactive and immersive experience.
            Discover more at www.iclassicscollection.com
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            版本 4.7.1 中的新功能

            Minor fixes



            iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection 4.7.1 1.0